Pediatrician Dr. Wanda Lopez – "How Can I Get My 14-Month-Old To Drink Milk Out Of A Bottle?"

QUESTION: How can I get my 14-month-old to drink milk out of a bottle or a sippy cup? Also, is it ok that she’s behind on her shots or can something really bad happen to her?

DR. LOPEZ’ ADVICE: The only way to get her to stop drinking from a bottle is to stop offering her the milk in the bottle. She will cry and have fits but if you don’t give in then eventually she will start using the cup. Sometimes they refuse the milk altogether. That’s ok. Just offer her other calcium rich food such as yogurt, cheese, broccoli, or 1 cup calcium fortified juice/day (be careful not to give her too much juice because it is too sugary and she will become obese–1 cup a day is fine). Offer enough of these foods to equal 24 oz’s milk/day.

As far as not being fully immunized, this does put her at risk of getting some of these preventable illnesses. I strongly recommend that you take her into her pediatrician so she can get her shots and be put up to date.

Take care,

Wanda Lopez, M.D.


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