“Too Good To Be True: Part 2” (Patrisia's Blog)

Before I start, I want to clear one thing up: I am not blaming the teenage girl (see my last blog) and I’m not trying to “clean up” what my ex-fiancée did. I’m simply writing down the situation that I’m living through at this moment in my life.

So, back to the story. After all the drama, my ex kept texting me and calling me. But I just couldn’t respond. I didn’t want anything to do with him. He cried, he begged, he was at my house every Saturday. I was totally ignoring him but he would play it off by playing with my kids and niece or by kicking it with my dad. So I decided to ask him what he really wanted from me and he replied that he loved me and wanted to make my kids and me happy. He wanted to help us out and be my husband. I answered that he shouldn’t freaking tell me he loves me because a person who truly loves another person doesn’t do what he did to me. He kept on saying, “I know I messed up but I promise you nothing happened.” He also told me that he never gave that girl (the neighbor) his number, that she got it from her tia, who used to date my fiancée’s friend. So she took it upon herself to text him and that’s how all of this mess got started. After numerous attempts from him, I finally agreed to talk. He kept telling me that he knew he had messed up pero que le diera one more chance to prove himself to me. So I said, what the heck, I have nothing to lose.

We were doing good and had decided to leave what had happened atras and move forward. He talked to my parents about marriage and went out to buy our wedding rings. Keep in mind I’d been with this guy for 6 years. Todo iva bien for about 2 months…then the change. He’d text me on Fridays asking me to go out and eat with him and my response would always be that I had to go to church y porque no vas a la iglesia conmigo? He always had an excuse y no me acompanava, so that kinda irritated me. Then on Saturdays he would call me once, and if I didn’t answer that’s all he’d need as an excuse to go out partying and drinking. So I continued going to church and kicking it with my family and I didn’t let his nonsense get to me. Then one night a mi cell entro un media mail from his phone, which kinda weirded me out because he doesn’t know how to send media mail. When I opened it another broken heart suddenly hit me: it was a picture of a girl and him. He was almost on her lap and he was dandole beer a ella y ella a el. So I texted him back and said, “You know what that’s it! U just messed up the chance I gave you — leave me the heck alone and you go be a pig all you want!” Someone texted me back in English (he himself doesn’t speak or write English) talking about, “Oh I’m sorry it was just a joke, he loves you.” I was like, “Who’s this?!” He responded “Me si eso quieres esta bien gorda.” He said, “Con todo este dinero que yo tengo, me puedo conseguir cualquier vieja,” I told him I didn’t need him at all. I’ve always considered myself a single mother and proud of it.

The next day el sinverguenza was at my house and did so much explaining. He said it was a mistake and he told his friend to delete it but the friend sent it to me by accident. I mean hellooo, how stupid can you be! I told him, “Que casualidad que de todos tus contacts it went straight to mine… “I told him we were done and to leave me alone and do his own life. So him, being tan orgulloso, came this past weekend and asked me again if it was really over. I was like, yes, are you freaking stupid or what? You do things and then you expect me to act like nothing happened. I said, “Yes it’s over, and this time it’s for real.” So he told me to give him back the wedding rings! I started cracking up and told him he’s bien menso if he thought I would give him the rings — those are mine. I asked why he wanted them and he said para pararte el cuello with another girl with the rings of my choice. I said, heck nah u ain’t getting them.

Now this is my question to you girls: Am I doing wrong by all this?

Oh and guess what…there’s a Part 3! LOL. I also attached a pic of my ring!

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