"Raising My Hermanito" (A FB Guest Blog From Mayra)

Hola. I’m 16-years-old and I have a 8-year-old brother. We live by ourselves with our mother. Our father has never been around in either of our lives. We used to live with my mother’s oldest brother Jesus, who helped my mom raise my brother and me. Without him we truly would have had nothing.

Well, he recently passed away from cancer on January 28th, 2011…a week after my birthday. Long story short, he was the father figure in my life. I did bad things but I always got my act together because I didn’t want to disappoint my uncle. I’ve never been close to my mother in terms of sharing things with her or caring what her opinion is about me. She does not approve of my makeup, clothes, or the fact that I write songs de rap. My uncle, though, no matter what, accepted me and was proud of me and my accomplishments. He was a father figure and I think every child needs a father figure like him. It makes a huge difference!

My mom isn’t close to my little brother. Lots of people tell me that I act more like a mother to him then she does. I think it’s true but I still love my mother. Unfortunately, I’m leaving the house in two years. I’m worried that my brother might go down the wrong path without me there because he does not respect our mother. He respects me and when I say something to him he listens. Pero my mom can’t control him. It’s kind of like what happened with me but I had my uncle to keep me in check and I don’t think my mom realizes that. I’m worried for my brother. I’ve taken care of him since he was born. He was even born on my birthday. What a coincidence!

So how should I raise my little brother during these last two years that I’m going to be in the house? What can I do to make sure he doesn’t go down the wrong path?

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