"Makeup Madness" (Nancy's Blog)

Some artists prefer working with paint, others with charcoal or clay or a pencil. My canvas of choice? Faces. I love doing makeup! My own, my friends’, my friends’ friends, etc. Well-applied makeup is definitely an art form, in the same way that high fashion can be artistic. And even if your only message is, ‘I was running late this morning, my kids were going bonkers, and I only had time for a swipe of mascara and some lipstick,’ that in itself is a testament to your lifestyle and morning routine.

I’m so over the whole “subtle” makeup trend that started in the ‘90s (perhaps as a much-needed backlash to the overly bright blush and neon eye shadows of the ‘80s) that hasn’t quite died yet. The only time a woman needs to wear makeup that looks as if she isn’t wearing makeup, is at the gym – nobody wants to sweat rivulets of liquid eyeliner while on a treadmill — or when giving birth. Other than that, a little color wouldn’t hurt. And don’t believe the whole cliché of “guys prefer women who don’t wear tons of makeup.” Right. And if Kim Kardashian approached a man, he would TOTALLY shoot her down because of her eye shadow.

In fact lots of celebs have trademark makeup looks. Think Gwen Stefani’s red lips or Taylor Swift’s cat eye. It sets them apart, creates a signature style. Why not develop your own? My mom is known for her fierce smoky eye, whereas I take the crown for using shimmer, glitter and sparkle. Diva!

Of course there’s the whole argument of “True beauty comes from the inside. Women shouldn’t fall victim to the media’s standards of beauty. We should be happy with the looks we were born with.” Blah blah blah. Makeup makes me feel pretty and confident and what’s wrong with that? If people want to wear drab, baggy clothes, clomp around in sensible shoes, stop shaving their legs/armpits/’stache, throw out their jewelry and purses and fragrance, disregard their self-tanner and shun makeup — great. That’s their choice. But don’t treat me like I’m shallow or silly because I DO place some value on looking my best. Loving lipstick does not indicate a lower IQ!

In my constant quest for new makeup color combos, I’ve come across some awesome cosmetics sites. I’ll share my faves below. Happy beautifying!

http://www.cherryculture.com/index.php Best site ever for babes on a budget!!! You can find steals like eye shadow sets for $2. They carry a lot of brands that normally only sell in bulk to retailers.

http://glamourdolleyes.com/ Glamour Doll Eyes is great because sample sizes are only about a buck, and ship for free! I don’t always like to buy makeup online if I don’t know how the color will actually look. This way I can try stuff for cheap before committing to a full size.

http://bftecosmetics.com/ Also carries cool, inexpensive samples. Best part is the SELECTION! Literally hundreds of colors to choose from and organized in an easy-to-navigate site.

http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm Just like Mac, but more affordable

http://www.youtube.com/user/MetamorPosing And don’t forget to check out SoLatina’s own in-house cosmetologist and makeup artist, Yvette Camilo, whose tutorials include product reviews and application techniques.

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