“Daddy, Come Back Soon!” (Patrisia's Blog)

I know that by the time this blog is posted, Father’s Day will have passed already but I still wanted to write this. As you guys may remember, I wrote a blog a couple of months ago (“No Communication”) where I mentioned that ever since my mom started working and making her own money, everything about my dad started to bug her! She’d sometimes tell me, “I wish he would just leave back to Mexico!” My sisters and I knew she would say that when she was mad at him, but sooner or later she ended up missing him.

Well, on May 9th, as I was leaving the driveway, Dad told me to hurry back because he wanted me to take him to the bus station. I was running late so I just said “ok”. When I returned he loaded up his maletas and didn’t tell my mom or anyone else goodbye :( As I was driving, he was telling me, “I’m going to see if I can sell the house.” He was looking out the window and I knew he was crying. When he was putting his luggage on the bus he shook my hand and said “ya me voy.” I tried to be strong because I knew he was hurting. As he left, he just kept saying, “Traigo los ojos llorosos xk traigo una alergia”. As I drove away my heart just fell into pieces. I had to pull over, cry, and send a prayer for my dad directly to GOD.

I got home and my mom asked me if I’d known my dad was leaving — and I said no. Well, it’s been over a month and he’s still not back. Some of my siblings say he doesn’t love us anymore and that’s why he left, and that he’s not coming back. That gets me so freaking mad because he does love us. But I know that the drama between my mom and him got to the point where they did need some time apart. I know my mom loves him and misses him. This will be the first time ever that we celebrate Father’s Day without our dad. My sisters tell me, “I miss Dad!” I was like, “Yeah, I know”. But I think I’m missing him the most because I was the one who was always there to take him to doctors’ appointments, to help him sell food, etc. I was the only one who was able to joke with my dad and not get mad at him.

I told my sisters that this time apart from our dad should make us realize that even though he be renegando and stuff, he’s still our dad and we need to learn to valorarlo. Because one way or another he has always been there for us. I just pray to GOD that my dad will know in his heart that he is missed and loved.


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