Win A Chance To Be In Laura Contreras-Rowe's Next Book "Aim High: Extraordinary Stories Of Hispanic And Latina Women Vol. 2"

Hi SoLas!

Remember the giveaway we did a few months ago for Laura Contreras-Rowe’s book “Aim High: Extraordinary Stories Of Hispanic and Latina Women”? Well, Ms. Contreras-Rowe is now writing a brand new book! She’s currently looking for Latinas who have overcome tragic or horrible circumstances when they were young. Ones who can inspire other women and young Latinas of tomorrow. She wants women who have gone back to school to get a degree or have a good steady job. Latinas who are positive role models and are giving back to society. To have a chance to get your story published in her new book, simply submit a two paragraph story summarizing your life and what you have gone through and where you’re currently at. You have until Monday, May 30th to send in your story. Please e-mail your submission to:

Winners will be notified via e-mail. Buena suerte!

This opportunity is a non paying project. Any winner chosen must submit childhood photos along with a 300 DPI current photo to submit as the main picture. The interview process takes about 2 hours and you would have to answer a series of questions. You will also be recorded and Ms. Contreras-Rowe will own all the rights to the final approval of your story. She will not be printing anything you want to share in private, only what you approve. The book will be out in 2012. The names that SoLatina submit to Ms. Contreras-Rowe will go to a committee for approval of one woman from SoLatina. If the committee has any reservations on the validity of your story it might be pulled before it goes to the final editing process. It’s also not a guarantee that your story will make the final editing process.