"The Best" (Karla's Blog)

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane.
I would walk right up to Heaven, and bring you back again.

“The Best”

– Dedicated to Margaret E. Clifton, my grandma

She was the cushion I fell to when things went wrong,
She was the rock I’d turn to when I needed to be strong.
She was the muscle I needed to lift my weight,
She was the wisdom that controlled my fate.

She was my extra sense, that gave me a new perspective,
She was the one that made everything effective.
She was the wings I’d use when I needed to take flight,
She was the flashlight I’d use in the darkness of night.

She was the only one who knew all my thoughts,
She was the only one who could untie my tongue-tied knots.
It was her grin I’d see that would make me smile,
It was her who gave me strength to last that extra mile.

She was the flower that grew inside,
She had the power to stop me when I cried.
She was the bed I’d crawl into when I was afraid,
She was the color to brighten me when I started to fade.

She was the light in my life that made everything okay,
She gave me courage to say what I needed to say.
She was the joy that warmed my heart,
She was my conscience doing its part.

She was the one that yelled loud and proud,
When the sun was too bright, she’d be that blocking cloud.
She was the voice that helped me to cope,
She was the whisper telling me to always have hope.

She was the eyes I used to clear my own vision,
She was the chair I’d go to, to make that tough decision.
She was the sun to brighten my day,
She was the path to lead my way.

Hers is the picture I post on my wall,
Hers were the arms that would catch me when I fall.
She is the drawer holding my most valued possession,
Hers was the hand that pulled me out of depression.

She’s the closest person to me,
But now I understand she’s free.
She carried on through the rain,
She fought through every last bit of pain.

Now, she’s been laid to rest,
She was the strongest, the bravest, the best!

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