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QUESTION: I got a divorce back in 2005. I just found out about a home that my ex-husband bought during our marriage. He had two kids during our marriage with another woman and he and the other woman got the house as a couple. Since he was married to me and married to her, could I get the house because he was committing bigamy? If you can help me down the right path I’d appreciate it.

ATTORNEY ROMAN’S ADVICE: If you have proof that he was actually married to another woman at the same time he was married to you, then you should go to the District Attorney’s office in your jurisdiction and inform them of that. It is a crime to be married to two different people at the same time. However, he could have simply purchased the property with her as “joint tenants”, not necessarily as a married couple. You need to find a copy of the deed to see how the transfer was made. Those issues are usually state law issues, and my best recommendation is to check with a real estate attorney in your jurisdiction.

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