Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo – “I’m Looking For A New Hairstyle…Any Suggestions?”


Hi Yvette! I have kind of long, wavy/curly brown hair. I’m looking to do something different to it but I don’t know what. I want to be able to walk into the salon and tell them what I want without them jerking me around. I just want to look good and have something that’s different for me. I’ve colored my hair but have always stayed within my range. I even cut my own hair because I can get away with the unevenness since my hair’s so wavy and curly to begin with. Any suggestions?


Hey girl!

This is a great question! The best thing I can tell you is that ANY TIME you walk into a hair salon bring a color picture of the style you want. Make sure the picture is EXACTLY what you want without any “I want this style but a bit longer, or the color a bit lighter” because that will be enough for misunderstandings.

Here is a small example of what I mean:

– To you, blonde might be Hannah Montana, but to me blonde is Gwen Stefani…
– To you, brown might be Selena Gomez, but to me brown is Jennifer Lopez…
– To you, red might be Reba Mcintyre, but to me red is Rihanna…

See where the confusion might come in? Your idea of something might be completely opposite of what somebody else’s idea is. As long as both of you are on the same page with an image or a photo, the stylist will have no excuse whatsoever to not give you what’s in the picture.

Hope this helps!

Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo


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