Marriage & Divorce (A Facebook Guest Blog From Crystal)

Marriage & Divorce

As Latinas many of us were taught that marriage is a holy union that will allow us to stay firm and strong in our relationships. But nowadays marriage is not what it used to be; more and more women and men are getting married for the wrong reasons. I ask myself, what are the motivations folks have when they get married now? I mean, do they see the big picture or just the lil’ idea of “live in the moment and stick with something until times get hard and then focus on something new?” They will soon realize marriage is not all fairytales and sweet dreams. It’s hard work to keep everything above water. That’s when divorce enters because it gets to the point that what a couple once knew as love and commitment becomes just two people together because neither one wants to admit it’s time to move forward.

So, Latina ladies. Where did we go wrong? Are we that hard-headed that we forget to take the time to just sit down and talk to our husbands? Have we forgotten who we are as women and just consume ourselves with all the little tasks around us? Have we given up and forgotten about fighting for love…the love that once gave us butterflies and a big smile on our face every time we saw him?

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