“Suicide (Unthinkable)” (Crystal M’s Blog)

A lot of times on the news you hear terrible things, like people killing each other or someone taking their own life. Both situations are usually the result of people not respecting each other. As Latinas we are talked about for the way we speak, dress and even the food we may eat. We are not the only race with this issue of course, but that doesn’t make it easier to deal with. So I think this is one thing we should really consider when we decide to gossip ‘bout someone. It’s just fun conversation for us but could make someone feel so bad that they want to commit suicide. So instead of gossiping we should help out with our friends, families and ourselves when it comes to being supportive and finding support.

Let’s talk about all our issues. Let’s not bottle them up and let them explode. How ‘bout the next time someone comes to you for help or advice, don’t just say “uh huh,” or “ok,” but instead let them know that you’re really there for them – because we never know when we ourselves are going to need that person to listen to us. Let’s raise our voices and stop the mistreatment of one another, the degrading, the bullying and downright nastiness, because you might just be the one to light that match under them to committing the unthinkable.

Instead of teasing or degrading, smile at someone and say hello. Or compliment one another instead of disrespecting each other with nasty comments about how someone is dressed or how they act. Nowadays people are so stressed in general that it doesn’t take much for someone to overreact. Let’s stop the meanness and cruelness in this world especially if it’s going to spare someone from doing the unthinkable.

I myself can relate when it comes to doing the ‘unthinkable’. I was around 11 and had gotten into a fight with my older sister because she was disrespecting. I found it easy at that very moment to just take a bottle of pills and try to commit suicide. I bring this topic up on my blog because if I can attempt something that drastic for something so little, imagine what someone is capable of doing when the problem is ten times worse. But remember when things are not going just right at a particular moment, or a family members passes and we just don’t know what to do, there is still hope. Don’t let anything bottle up inside to the point that u just can’t handle it anymore and the only way out seems to be to commit suicide. Latinas, let’s stand up and fight against this!

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