Attorney Eneida Roman – “Can I Get Child Support From My Daughter’s Father But Not Allow Him To See Her?”


Hi. I’m 19-years-old and I have a daughter who is 16-months-old. I wanted to know if there is such thing as putting her father on child support but not allowing him to see her?


Parents have rights and obligations with their children. They first have the obligation to care and protect their children once they bring them into this world. They also have the obligation not to neglect them or abuse the children.

So long as parents do not neglect or abuse their children and take proper care of them by providing for their basic physical needs of food, shelter, security, love, clothing, and all the things we are aware children need, then the parents should be entitled to the joy of parenthood.

Having said that, if the father of your child is present in your child’s life, is paying child support, is not abusing you or your child, and wants to visit with your child, he should be entitled to spend some time with the child.

The amount of visitation depends on the stage of life the child is at. The younger the child is, the shorter the visitation period should be. The older the child, the longer the visitation, and perhaps even overnight visits might be allowed.

Every child deserves to have both parents in their lives as long as both parents are positive role models for that child. Especially if both parents voluntarily wish to be actively involved in the child’s life.


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