“Yeah I’m Still A Little Old-School…” (Claudia’s Blog)

Ok it’s true: I’m beginning to meet new people & re-acquaint myself with the world by putting technology to use. I’ve been using Facebook to communicate more with friends and to get to know new people; I’ve been texting more than usual; and I’ve been IM’ing or e-mailing a lot more. So I gotta admit I really love the technology we have nowadays – I’m even using it now to communicate through this blog! But I have also come to discover something about myself: I need real human interaction.

See, for a minute there I was enjoying hiding behind a computer screen, having conversations with people but not having to face them in person or hear their real voices. I didn’t mind having “text conversations” with people — it seemed pretty fun at first. Now I don’t mind doing the IM, text or e-mail messaging once in a while, but I do like to have face-to-face contact with the person from time to time too. And I do understand that using technology to talk is good in certain situations, like if someone is at work, school, or in a place where a phone conversation may be inappropriate. But if someone is “chilling” and wants to have a conversation I just feel that they could easily pick up the phone to say in 2 minutes what they are texting over the course of an hour!! I can understand maybe starting with a text to see if the other person is busy, but to keep the convo going thru text when it’s not necessary…really??? I don’t know, call me crazy, but I like having conversations with people in more than 160 characters at a time… Occasionally I would like to actually hear the voice of the person that I am messaging, just to feel reassured that I’m talking to a live person and not a computer named Watson! LOL. I don’t know if it’s just me, but if it is, well I guess I’m a little old school – and proud of it!

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