“Ayudame!” (Patrisia’s Blog)

I need to get some air before I get started with this blog!

My situation started when several family members jointly bought a house (a fourplex) several years ago. They all contributed to the down payment, but little by little they were removed from the house title for personal reasons, until only my brother-in-law (my sister Peggy’s husband) remained. So then Peggy made the huge mistake of getting a prestamo, or loan, on our Fourplex to purchase a brand-new huge house for herself. But she never told anyone about the prestamo! Only her husband knew about it. Como dicen, “whatever u do bad comes back.”

Years later my parents try to refinance the Fourplex for money to open a restaurant, but were denied. So I got to thinking, my sister’s house cost a lot of money that I knew they didn’t have..So I put 2 and 2 together and I told my mom that Peggy must have taken a loan on the Fourplex. But at the time my mom wouldn’t believe that Peggy would do that to her…

Eventually it came out that Peggy was having an extramarital affair, and this is where all the trapitos salieron al sol. Peggy soon found out that her husband was also having an affair! My-brother-in law kicked Peggy and the kids out of their house, but then later came asking for her forgiveness. She went back but their relationship ya no fue igual: Ella lo empeso a tratar bien mal and he started checking on her like a maniac. He would miss work just to follow her around and see where she went and what she did. They both ended up cheating on each other again (el con la misma mujer y ella con otro guy.)

So meanwhile, while all that personal drama is going on, it’s causing issues with the original Fourplex, which the rest of us were all still living in. Peggy would always come and pick up our rent, which we always paid on time. Then when their relationship got bad, her husband would try picking up the rent before she did, and told my mom not to give Peggy the rent money anymore because she was not actually using the money to make the house payments to the bank for the fourplex. As you can imagine we were all shocked. My mom confronted Peggy and all she said was, “Well he told me to keep the money because he wanted to lose the houses.” By this point the fourplex was in his name only. I told her no matter what her husband said and even if the house was in his name, she should’ve had a conscience since she knew we have kids and that we’re the ones who pay for those houses. I said, “You being our family could at least have told us instead of keeping our money!” So basically each of them were pointing fingers at the other, and in the end it was me and the rest of my family who got screwed.

But then my brother-in-law told my mom that he had had a change of heart and that he did pay the money owed for the Fourplex and it was back on track. Le creimos al desgraciado y le seguimos pagando renta. Pero yo note que he wouldn’t worry any more about picking up the rent by the due date which made me suspicious. So months later I again told my mom that something wasn’t right, I told her I had a feeling he wasn’t paying the bank. So I did some research and guess what: I WAS RIGHT…desde Abril of 2009 nose pagaron mas los payments. So ellos acavaron su matrimonio pero nos llevaron a nosotros entre las patas… He rents his little apartment y Peggy a three-bedroom house, while we’re here dealing with the foreclosure of the houses and them being auctioned off even though we made all of the payments like we were supposed to.

As you already know I’m a single mom with 3 kids (one with ADHD). I’m unemployed because nobody wants to babysit my son and now I have to let go of my little house por los problemas de mi sister. Not just me but 2 of my older sisters and my parents… We don’t have a lot of financial help and no money at all… We were the ones who always paid for the fourplex and my dad es le que le asia los arreglos… But then again nosotros salimos perdiendo…If anyone can please let me know what my family can do to get help or to try to stay with this property (even though my brother-in-law said he would rather lose the property than give them to my mom)… Is there anywhere I can call or go to, or something I can do to get assistance with this? Mis SoLas, I need your help!

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