Diary Of A Young Latina Mom (Lupe’s Blog #6)

What’s up, Mamis? I have been away from this blogging thing for a while but here we go again.

Do you ever do something that you think is nice, only to be crucified later? My life constantly falls apart and then gets put back together again. It’s weird but it happens. So I bought a house and got the keys on December 28th — good, huh? No. Here’s the story:

After the last time my life fell apart in September, I did my soul searching and after talking to my now- retired mom and dad, we decided to buy a house. The bank would only finance it under my name because they are not working and the bank doesn’t consider their retirement “steady income.” So we go house-hunting and I find one (that my dad hates), and then boom! The Good Lord has blessed me with a house that was way too expensive at first but at the last minute the seller dropped the price to right around my liking. After talking to my realtor and the seller we agree on the sale price and terms of the contract. In late October we file for the FHA loan (by we, I mean I) and I was taken on a roller coaster ride that had so many ups and downs that I’d have vomited after the ride. My parents fronted $3,800 for the down payment and I paid the inspection, appraisal, credit report fees, and loan processor costs, which totaled $2,680. On December 27th, the papers were signed and the loan was funded. Unleash the lions!! The youngest of 8 kids has officially bought a house..two actually, because it’s a duplex and on the “nice” side of town. Yep, I got me a twofer…two for one. My parents were going to live in the 2-bedroom unit that’s approximately 980 square feet and I was going to be living in the 3-bedroom unit. Works great right? Nope.

My annoying, and now gold-digging siblings decided to come to Vegas for the New Year and fill my parents’ head with leaving a will and how that house should be inherited. Correction! The loan is under my name for the next 30 years! I am the legal owner of that house and there is no way in hell I’m going to give up what I worked so hard for!!! My parents’ children (I have now disowned them) want the second unit to be dispersed between my 7 siblings. Hello! It’s a duplex, I can’t just sell one unit, and because the mortgage on it is only $490 a month for the next 30 years, I really wasn’t planning on getting rid of it. So on New Year’s Eve all hell breaks loose, and now my parents are still mad because I don’t want the house to be included in their will. I am not being selfish because I firmly believe in “no doy pero no quito.” I worked really hard for this. It seemed that every week the lender wanted something else and for awhile everyone thought that I wasn’t going to get approved. Now that everything is recorded and official, these people want to take something that they didn’t work for. I’m mad and frustrated but even worse I’m hurt again because even my mom says that she wants to leave it as an inheritance for them. I’m 23 years old and the mother of two young boys, I bust my ass day in and day out, and for what? So someone can get something that they didn’t work for?? I don’t think so.

Needless to say, my parents and I are not on speaking terms and what should have been a very happy moment was turned into a bunch of B.S. When my mom got hurt at work, NONE OF THEM came to help her, I did. I missed work to take her to the doctor or to the workers’ comp meetings…I filed everything for them, and yet now I’m the black sheep of the family. GRRRREEEAT.

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