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Please help! I’m a hairstylist and my hair is thinning. I always take good care of it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I think it could be the “plancha” (flat iron). Please tell me what to use or do. Thank you!


Muchacha! If you know it’s the “Plancha” (flat iron) making your hair thin THEN STOP USING IT MAMA! If you want straight hair in the most healthiest way possible then wrap your hair every night before going to bed and sleep on it (Dominicans call it a “Dubi”). Here’s a tutorial video showing you how to do it:

If your hair is coarse like her’s then it will stay wrapped on its own. If you have finer hair, though, you will need to hold it up with bobby pins while you wrap. I do this EVERY night when my hair is straight!

Now that you know how to drop the flat iron I must get into detail of why your hair might be thinning.

1. Maybe you’re stressed? By the way you asked the question I would guess that you might be stressed…and what’s the first thing that happens when we are stressed? We lose hair. I know it sounds sad but this is the body’s way of defending its organs. When the body stresses too much it shuts down many functions like growth of hair, nails, skin repair, etc. It does this to preserve energy for more vital organs like your brain, heart and lungs. SOLUTION: Calm down, take a deep breath and relax! Have you tried meditation? It will work wonders for your body to be in absolute silence and relax.

2. Are you eating healthy? We are what we eat and junk food catches up with us eventually. SOLUTION: Eat healthy foods high in anti-oxidants such as dark berries and leafy greens (i.e. vegetables). Also try to minimize saturated fats and fatty proteins as much as you can.

3. How old are you? My hair isn’t half what it was 10 years ago. Hair changes with time, unfortunately. Many of us have a thin hair gene that’s passed down from our ancestors.

4. Have you examined your scalp? The thinning of your hair might have a solution as simple as changing your diet but it might be much more complex than that. If the thinning of your hair is in patches, please go see your doctor. It might be the signs of a medical condition.

There’s many different reasons for the thinning of your hair. I gave you the basic four reasons. However if you think it’s something more complex or unique to your case then the best advice that I can give you is to go see your doctor and determine from him what treatment to follow.

Hope this helps chica!

Cosmetologist Yvette Camilo


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