Better Than Good Enough (Krystle’s Blog #9)

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a awhile but I’ve had a very stressful November. I applied to colleges, for scholarships and have been writing various essays for different classes, including my ‘College NOW!’ class.

I want to pose the following question: does anyone know of any good tips on how to lose weight (and keep it off)? I used to weigh 200 pounds until I dropped 45 pounds due to daily exercise and dieting. After losing that I felt on top of the world. But now, at 175, I feel less than beautiful. I look at my fuller hips and jiggly arms and think, “Why did I let myself gain weight again?” I know it’s due to stress and over-eating but now I need a change. Prom is coming up in a few months and I’d like to go 20 pounds lighter. Please help me out with this.


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