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What is a good way to cover up dark circles under my eyes? I’ve always had them and have yet to find a good way to cover them.


Hi Hun,

Thanks for your question. There are many things that might be causing your dark circles: lack of sleep, stress or depression, nutrient deficiency, sun exposure, medicines, etc. The list keeps on going so there’s no possible way we can sit here and pick which one is causing your problem.

The solution to your dark circles might be a life changing experience, but a good one.

Lack of sleep and/or stress are the highest causes of dark circles. So relax, take 20 minutes of your day to meditate, go for a walk with no interruptions (if possible leave your cell at home) and just have a nice quiet time by yourself. Clear your mind and just enjoy nature. People underestimate the power of meditation and the wonders it does for your body.

Make sure you are watching your diet. Fruits have a very powerful nutrient called antioxidants that also work wonders for the skin. The darker the fruit the higher the antioxidant value (raspberries, blackberries, pomegranate, etc.). So load up on fruits and you will see an almost immediate change in your overall skin, especially your face. Stay away from unhealthy foods such as saturated fats and fatty proteins.

Make sure you ALWAYS wear UV protected sun glasses when you are exposed to the sun. UV rays are not only dangerous but deteriorating on the skin. You can buy an eye cream with SPF protection and get into the habit of wearing it in the mornings before you leave your house and an under eye night cream before you go to bed which will heal your eyes while you sleep.

Many people find that a cold tea bag treatment 3-5 times a week for 10 minutes over your eyes helps immensely to reduce dark circles and puffiness because of the tea’s antioxidant value.

Now to cover your dark circles while you are treating them make sure you don’t buy something heavy in oils. Minerals work great for this because not only are they natural but they don’t clog your skin making it work overtime to release the clog and stressing it even more. Also, make sure that you wash your face DAILY to remove all the make-up and start fresh. Talk to the professionals at beauty department stores. They can give you a lot advice on what under eye cream to exactly choose.

Hope this information helps. Have an amazing day!

-Yvette :)


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