The Life Of Me (Esther’s Blog #1)

Ay Alfaro

Welcome to me. My life. My thoughts. My craziness. I am aware that the site is aimed for single Latinas- whom by the way, ya’ll are awesome- but there are a lot of females out there that are married or are in a relationship who may feel like they are the only ones going through what they are going through. Mamita, I’ve been there, done that. Whatever you can throw my way I have either personally dealt with it myself or know of someone that has. And whatever is new to me, I may swing your way to see if ya’ll can help me out.  With this said, I’m bringing you the first episode of my crazy life.

I am personally very open. I hold no secrets from anyone -I don’t think. This week I got thrown a wild card. We have friends which we have known since high school- a good 10-11 years for me, more for my husband. They have always been there for me and my family whenever we need them. We are each others sanity. One of my girlfriends comes to tell me she is cheating on her husband, y callate, not just recently, it’s been going on for 3 years! Now in my head, I would want someone to tell me if they knew my husband was cheating on me, especially if the person is a dear friend. Her husband is very hardworking, and even though he is one of those serious types that don’t show affection publicly, he is still in love with her. They have had it rocky, but who hasn’t? We have known him longer, she got thrown in the mix once they started to go out (you know how that is)… but my girlfriend and I are what keeps us all together- organizing cookouts or play dates for the kids (and the husbands-lol).

I told her he deserved to know, and if their relationship is something that couldn’t be worked out, they needed to break it off. I reminded her she would be single now, and with 2 kids! And how hard it is- seeing this first hand because both of my sisters are single with children, more on that later- and to make an all around decision because it will impact the rest of her life. I told my husband who is practically his best friend because he is very adamant about how cheating is wrong and if you’re ready to cheat, you need to break it off with your person. Saben lo que me dice? He says he can’t tell him. He said it’s wrong, but he’s going through fighting an addiction and needs her more now than ever and this would break him. I understand this- completely, but damn. We are lost. For the first time ever, I don’t know what I am going to do. Has anyone been in this situation, if so, what should we do?

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