Hey Mami (Jaslie’s Blog #1)


Hey chicas,

Many times I hear about a good women getting caught up in a stickey situation with a less than favorable hombre and the first question that pops into my head is “why is she with him?”. There are probably a million different reasons why pero I feel that if you take a really close look at all those reasons, they pretty much amount to value. No not monetarily but as in your self worth. What I’m saying ladies is this, THINK OF YOURSELF AS A PRODUCT.

As a woman with alot of things going for herself such as a good job, doing well in school, good personality, and drive etc you would behold many components of a valuable product. So being that your a good product, if you are going to give yourself to someone don’t you feel entitled to a product that is just as good. Now some of you may be saying to yourselves, ” I’m not in school, I don’t have a good job, does that make me lesa valuable?, does that men I don’t deserve a good man?”. Education and a good job are not the most crucial components to your product but they do make your “product” more valuable, especially when it comes to personal growth. Although you may not be the best product right now, there is always time, room, and oppurtunity for improvement.

Overall I believe that once you value yourself you only then can see the true value of others. Note that although attraction to someone can happen almost instantly, uncovering someones value is not something that often happens in a day, week, or month and taking time to see how someone elses “product” measures up to your own can be beneficial to a strong and lasting relationship. Understand though that since getting to know someone takes time, once you fully know all the ins and outs of a person, that time spent does not mean that you have to stay with that person should you feel that they measure up to your value.

All in all what I am trying to tell you ladies is that there is a such thing as being “too good” for somebody. When your providing someone with a five star all expenses paid vacation home, I would assume that would reciprocate to some extent not leave you in a roach motel. So until next time I wish you ladies bueno suerte con tu man hunting. jeje

-Jaslie Rescia

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