Being Bethanie (Bethanie’s Blog #4)


If you are like me then you are trying very hard to stay sane in today’s work environment. I say trying hard because it’s hard enough finding and keeping a job when you have to work with annoying co- workers. I read an article recently about the top ten habits of highly annoying workers. Have you ever worked or are currently alongside any of the following. On the flip side read on and see if you fall into any of these categories. If it all sounds familiar do us all a favor and clean up your act!

Ten Habits of Highly Annoying Co-Wrkers

1 – You make a daily call to your partner just to “check in”

2 – You just can’t seem to make it to those early morning meetings on time.

3 – You almost always leave the office early “to beat traffic”

4 – you buy a huge gift basket for someone in the office without consulting any of your coworkers and then tell everyone that they owe you $10 to chip in.

5 – you borrow your neighbor’s stapler without asking and only remember to return it when they complain that they can’t find it.

6 – You can’t understand what the big deal is whenever you ask your co-worker for “a tiny favor”

7 – You’ve once again forgotten to take time and wash the container that has remnants of your tuna salad lunch a few days ago.

8 – You answer questions or reply to comments with “that’s what she said”.

9 – You don’t see the need to learn how to send a fax or fix a paper jam when there’s always someone around to help you do it.

10 – You play your favorite boy band cd on repeat – all day. Every day!

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