FEATURED: Daisy Figueroa: The Inspiring Story Of A Military’s Wife

As the wife of a husband in the United States Army who is currently stationed in North Korea, I can tell you first hand that it is not easy to cope with the absence of a loved one on deployment overseas. My husband is a Sergeant first class and has been engaged in military service […]

“A Mom’s Worst Nightmare” (Crystal R’s Blog)

Yesterday was the worst day in my entire life. My daughter who is 13 went missing…she ran away. At 8:30 a.m. she walked out the door and I had no idea. Her father had left for work at 7:00 a.m. and the doors were locked. The kids were still tucked into bed so I went […]

“The Road Of Passion & Pain – Toxic Love” (Cuni’s Commentary)

Why do I love him? He’s malicious. He costs me money and time and aggravation. He’s insecure. He’s jealous. He calls me names. He threatens me. He’s violent. He brings me pain. He makes my body constantly go into fight or flight mode. I fear him. He’s not even nice! OH, but when he is…how […]

“I Would Have Given You The World If You Had Given Me The Chance” (A Guest Blog From Tia)

The other day, I saw my friend post, “I would have given you the world if you had given me the chance.” And it got me thinking. Doesn’t it suck how humans work? We’re made to be goal-oriented and we always want more — more of what we usually cannot have. It’s unfortunate because there […]

“Love Is The Key” (Victoria’s Vlog)

Hi guys. Thanks for tuning in to the RealDWithV. I wanted to just jump on here today and just vent and talk to you guys a little bit. Normally I come up with a topic and write out some points but I wanted to do something different today. Being the type of person that I […]

Update – Young Lady Who Asked A Question Tells Us What Happened!

One of our fans asked us to post her question (see below) on our Facebook page. She just e-mailed us and wanted to give everyone an update on her situation: QUESTION: My daughter turns 15 next year and we have started to plan her quinceañera. Her father left when she was 1-year-old. He only picks […]